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We had am apple tree from our rented house owner, not sure about the name of the apple its green quite rough screen definately not sweet dessert apple or bramley.

It was doing alright at the first year we move in but getting worse after i clear around the base which is weeded. i have attached a few photos here please advise on tidying prunning or maybe cure it if possible so it comes back to green and healthy again.



 Thank you



Thank you


I would have offered some words of help Ping but I was told yesterday by Jim Macd that my only skill is in watching trees grow. I'm sure he will be able to give you better advice than that. 

But one thing I can do is give you a little push up to the top of the list.




 Really appreaciated with all responces. here are some more photos that i took during summer, where the leaves & fruits still young. as you all can see the leaves didn't go healthy at all, well at my view. So plz kindly share your view thank you!!!



Start by cutting out any branches that cross each other or rub against each other. Also any heading for the centre of the tree. the aim is to have an open goblet shape.

 Go slowly, don't be too drastic at first as the tree just then tries to replace  all the wood you have cut out.  Prune at any time between now and end of February.

Berghill & waterbutts you really are a couple of old trouble makers aren't you? People like you really make my blood boil. You should hang your head in shame. I bet both of you were the School Bully! Have you really got nothing better to do with your lives? Get over it! I normally like reading these posts, I don't get involved because I don't have any experience to offer. Jim did apologise for being 'impolite' but as he said he only wanted to give good advice. But you two are like a couple mean little trolls sat under a bridge just waiting to make some unsuspecting passer buy's life hell. If I knew how I'd report you for trouble making to the moderators!


Reported to Mods as a malicious and personal attack.

Well done dove.  We have to stand up for each other.  

Whilst Joy6 has been somewhat emotive in her response I have to agree with what she says.  No matter what grievances 2 people had from an argument elsewhere it was wrong to bring it in such a petulant mannner onto another thread posted by someone who had nothing to do with it.  The last two posters merely reinforce the idea of a clique where one turns up to criticise and the next turns up to commend the criticism.  Personally I think so-called cliques are inevitable and more rightly termed 'people with similar views and affinities who get on with each other'. Of course that will happen and of course there will always be those who feel left out and that is just too bad. What doesn't help the situation is when people look like they are ganging up on someone they disagree with.


Like Joy I rarely post on messageboards and its a shame that whilst i enjoy reading and learning from the various conversations my only postings are when I have been annoyed enough to make comment. But sometimes "outsiders" with no board allegiances get a better picture of what is going on.

My apologies to Ping for continuing this but the thread was already spoilt.


 for all help and advice

  for happy gardeners no more

this thread is closed plz no more further post and reply

Thank you

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