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I found these today on my willow tree, should I be concerned, and what can i do to solve the problem? Also ants are running up and down the tree.

You have a few things going on there, red. The top right is aphids and the ants are farming them. They won't do much harm unless you get a great many. If you do, you can spray the affected bits with water to which you have added a few drops of washing up liquid. The bottom right are eggs of a butterfly or moth, I think. Again, they shouldn't do much harm. If you are worried you can remove some by rubbing them away with your fingers. There are sprays to kill the caterpillars  but I would avoid these myself.


Thank you so much Posy, do you have any idea what the orange is on the leaves? 


Thank you Dovefromabove,  the tree is very young should I be concerned about the orange stuff?



Thank you Dovefromabove I just checked out your link. 😁


It's a tree ... trees have the occasional discoloured leaf for a variety of reasons ... I don't worry about the odd few ... only if the ground beneath the tree starts getting covered with them as if it was autumn. 

Especially don't worry about a willow ....... willows are as tough as old boots - with the exception of that pink leaved 'Flamingo' which I think is an aberration (sorry to those of you who like it ).


And the round thing on the top-left photo is probably a gall.  An insect (usually a tiny wasp) laid an egg in the leaf vein and the larva released a hormone which caused the tree to produce growth around it.  The young larvae use these as a home while they grow.  It's not really detrimental to the tree.  The way these interactions occur between insects and plants is fascinating!


Thank you Dovefromabove and Bobthegardener that is a huge help 

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