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Hi all,

I put up my new 4x2m polytunnel a couple of weeks ago and haven't looked inside since.  The ground was clear when I erected it..

At least I know it's working!  Definitely now have a job for when the rain comes later today!


That looks a lot like my beds Bob! I have a lot of weeding to do too! 

Orchid Lady

It's working great Bob   I dug over my veg patch a couple of weeks ago and today it had loads of weeds in again, all gone again now though......for the time being!! I think that means I can start sowing some of my veg seeds when they arrive tomorrow 


my new polytunnel arrives in 4 weeks. 21ft x 48 ft, can't wait to get stuck in.



All the best weeds Bob

Orchid Lady

21ft x48ft Hosta, that's HUGE  What are you growing in it?


I booked a few days holiday before Easter and have now cleared it.

Also added are gravel boards around the outer edges and made a raised walkway out of cut-down pallets and some spare lengths of timber to fill the gaps, then added about 15cm of compost to what have now become the borders:

Amongst other stuff to go in there, I'm going to try yard long beans ''Dolcio del Metro' as I've failed with these when trying them outside.


It is looking great Bob. Looking forward to seeing how the beans get on.

Orchid Lady

Looks fab now Bob  Can't wait to see the beans, I have gone the other way and just ordered dwarf beans 


Thanks for the comments!  I'll add pix of the beans and other stuff as it gets planted in there.  OL, dwarf beans can produce a fantastic crop for the small amount of space they need.  One thing to watch out for is any beans touching the ground as slugs love eating the ends!  Either pick them before they reach the ground or add a bit of support, like a piece of twine tied to a short stick and looped around the bean stalks.

Orchid Lady

Thanks Bob, I think I'm going to grow them in a big tub as I have run out of room on the ground, or will have when everything starts growing!! 

Looks exciting Bob.  

I have a small hexagonal GH and need to think of adding something like your polytunnel myself. Better than a GH Bob?  

Polytunnels are the best! We grow tomatoes, cucumbers sweet peppers chillies and basil in ours. Early in the season we sow cut and come again lettuce and to make the most of the space we have a couple of tubs of baby carrots. It was certainly value for money.


Orchid Lady

Someone was radio 2 today Bob, wanted to say hello to 'her Bob in his Polytunnel', he was planting Chillies though so doubt it was you, but you never know 


Fame at last!.. wait.. my chillies are only 3 inches tall and too small to plant out yet..

Verdun, I think a greenhouse is more useful and wouldn't be without mine but I got the tunnel purely for growing slightly more exotic things than I can outside.  It was only £100 and was easy to erect, so even if the cover only lasts 2-3 years, I consider it a bargain!

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