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 I was given an orchid (it wasnt in flower). I don't know if the 3 little buds are roots or new stems starting. Any advice happily received.

(sorry about the rubbish pictures)

Woodgreen wonderboy

Was there ever a plant that was more bought and less understood? The growers must be laughing all the way to the proverbial. Don't hold your breath but I think these are roots... air roots. Still, at least it is alive and there must be some hope that it will flower. I have 4 looking like this and my patience is wearing a bit thin. If they don't flower this year they might make good compost.

Perhaps someone else can tell us both how to scare them into flower.


Lol, yea i thought the were roots, just hoped a least one was a stem .   Its growing a new leaf aswell so maybe it will flower soon.


They do flower again, in time.  While you wait, keep buying new ones, cheaply if possible.  And yes, those are new roots.


Thanks Welshonion, i'll try to stick with it lol .


I have had a orchid for 3 years lots of leave growth but still no flowers I,m still living in hope of a flowers this year is its last chance .


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