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<span style="color: #123b8c; font-family: 'Trebuchet MS', Arial, sans-serif; line-height: 15px;">Can anyone help me? all the weed n feed for grass, is not only full of chemicals, but costly. Has anyone any organic recipes for feeding their lawn? Ive thought of maybe using comfrey or nettle liquid feed, but not sure if these would do the trick? 

Terence Jones

Comfrey, Nettle, and Urine can all be used as plant feed. The Center for Alternative Technology in Wales uses these organic nutrients. Check out their website.

I am going organic myself this year and I would suggest you read "Liquid Gold" by Carol Steinfeld, and "101 uses for Stinging Nettles" by Piers Warren.


many thanks...thats brilliant!

I also use a product called CastClear from not only does it stop wormcast on my lawn ( I had Thousends!!) it also greens it up as well and looks better. Spoke to a chap called Mike really helpfull.

the best thing i find is horse manure in a net and soaked in barrel of water for aweek and  water the grass with a waterin can or chicken pellets and brush it in after soak


Eddie J

I've gone through my fair share of lawn fertilisers over the years, both orgainc and not.

One effective and free method is ash from a fire. Obviously you may need a fair bit of it, but it is a very effective method.


many thanks for your advice....brilliant!

Eddie J

Ritna, I guess that I really should have added the following.

Whilst the ash method works for me and my lawn, it may pay you to try a small area first, just in case you don't get the same results.

Alina W

You can buy one based on chicken manure which is very good.


thankyou Eddie and you too Alina...advice much appreciated and trial test underway! 

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