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Another moving garden related question (I have hundreds right now but I'll try not to overwhelm my welcome!!)

We've just found out that our house sale date has been pushed back by several weeks into December and while most of my plants are in pots I have some ornamental grasses still in the ground that I had hoped to just dig up and plant straight away. However as we'll be moving post start of the frosts would I be better off putting them in pots now with a good amount of compost and planting them out in the spring?





Hi Clarington. I'd say just get them done now. You'll have enough to do when you move and the weather could be really horrible by then and the last thing you'll feel like doing is digging up plants. I know from experience! 


I dont suppose you have much choice really but grasses do not like being moved at this time of year and you need to expect that they may not survive. Grasses are one of the plants that are better moved  in spring.

Good luck.

Morning Clarington

You dont say which varieties of ornamental grassss you are growing but the principle is the same...viz., move them in the spring and not in autumn.  However, I do just that myself albeit aware of the risk of them rotting.  On my light soil and mild climate I rarely lose any grasses doing this at this time but it certainly is a risk

If large may have to divide them but this is more harmful to them at this time of the year than simply moving them.  I would use mpc and use pots that generously contain them.  Cut top growth .....not too severely, say half way.......and I would not water at all.  So, yes, pot them up now with a view to planting out in the spring.

Good luck Clarington and enjoy your new house and garden 

Morning v. Must remember to get my miscanthus in the spring.


Oh yes MrsGarden. Have I mentioned grasses before ?  

Hope your move goes well clarington.

Thanks everyone, we've not timed our move well have we!

I'm not sure what variety they are (they're all small ones mainly blue in colour) though I have mostly burried the labels next to the plants so hopefully I can retrieve them (it seemed a good idea at the time). They were brought on a whim when we moved in from a small garden centre locally purely for some colour that wouldn't trigger my partners hayfever too much (no chance of big blooms and masses of flowers here).

Hopefully most of them will survive!


It's not the ideal situation but that's life sometimes! Your only alternative is leaving them but it would mean buying replacements so you have to work with the circumstances you have.

Good luck with it! 

They sound like festucas from your description.  They will be easy to lift and pot.  In spring,if festucas, pull them apart, cut foliage back and pot up these (small pieces) in mpc  in spring.  You will have much better foliage colour too from these new plants and they fill out quickly during the summer, Clarington.   I then like to plant as a group of 3


Your buyer does know you are removing plants, doesn't he?  You are not allowed to dig up plants after a sale is agreed unless it is specified in the sale agreement, or you have a verbal agreement.  Anything in pots is OK.



Thanks WelshOnion, the house we're currently in is a rental property & the contract says something along the lines of as we found it (vvery simplified!) Well I can't explode a weed bomb and its too late to fill the pond in with sludge but I have informed everyone who visited the property that we were leaving the plastic compost bin and bike shed but taking all the flowers. Hopefully that will suffice but thanks for the prompt. I will check with the landlord!

Welsh onion has a very wise point.  I personally know of someone who dug up just about everything she had in her garden and it was only when the vast number of pots and plants  in bin bags we're actually seen by the buyer that she was found out.  Shrubs had to be replanted or sale was threatened.  

The removal of every single light bulb is not uncommon either!!! 


Good lord! I've heard about light bulbs, toilet roll holders, and even the carpet all being lifted no one has ever mentioned a garden being cleared out. Makes sense I guess you wouldn't be growing them if you didn't like them!

It must have been quite the shock for all parties involved.

star gaze lily

When we moved into this house,  they took every light bulb the curtain rails, the dust bins and he even took the tv areal!

Sorry clarington, i'm rambling

Good luck with your grasses and the move



My son bought a house and the vendor had removed the loft ladder!

PS.When we leave a property we always leave a loo roll!

It seems even when such large sums are spent like this people can still be mean with those things that cost so little.

I think leaving a loo roll is a considerate thing to do welsh onion 



I think I'm just going to check the conditions of sale with the check sheet of what's staying one more time.......





I've always left loo rolls  too but after the way the purchaser behaved when seeling my last house I wish I'd taken an awful lot more than I did! 

Someone told me they bought a h ouse which had a new fence round it and it really suited them because they had a new dog..... when they moved in - guess what the previous owners had taken....

Welshonion- your son should have pursued that one - a loft ladder's surely a fixture!

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