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I have some Osteospermum plants and about an inch from flower heads the stem is withering and the flower heads dropping, any ideasm?

Assuming you are in the uk, I would put it down to all the wet stuff we are

Thought it might be???? our heads are also dropping
Gardening Grandma

Waterlogged roots can cause die-back so that's a distinct possibility. You could try giving them a good balanced feed in case they are short of some nutrient.

Gardening Grandma

Or could it be earwigs eating the tenderest bit of the stem?



It`s definitely the weather conditions.



Are the in pots or in a boarder,Ive a couple in pots myself and alls fine with them ?.

They are in the border,thanks for replies, i will look for earwigs, and give them a feed, but it well could be the weather.

Could you not lift the plants and put them in pots, John or are they to big.

That is a solution, might wait until autumn.

Check the roots for Vine Weavil.


Hi John, I also have this problem with one of my Osteospermums. I'm in the central belt of Scotland with the exact same symptom you describe. 

They were performing brilliantly too in early spring (May) and looked really healthy. I think with all this rain and poor summer in general.

Now they look rather brown and desheveled and not sure what to do either, my other osteospermum is fine but in another part of the border. I may try lifting it to see if its the wet or if anthing is feeding on the roots.

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