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I have been lucky enough to inherit and beautiful garden. However, I'm little out of depth. The garden was owned by a lady for thirty years and the planting is incredible it seems every couple of weeks something appears a new.

My problem is the clematis I realise I should have tended to it in spring bunt now they are so bushy and only getting bigger.

Should I wait or get out the machete?!?


Don't get the machete out yet!  Different types of clematis need different pruning regimes or you won't get any flowers next year.  

Can you post photographs of each and tell us when each flowered please


 Thanks for coming back to me. Here are a couple of pics. Clematis number 1 is flowering now. Haven't yet seen any flowers on the other



The leaves show they are clematis, need to see close up of the flowers and exact time they started to bloom, they are Pruned at different times.

HI, i would say don't worry about timing, if they are in your way, just prune them back they do look over grown and are probabley a bit matted. Experts say over grown plants  would appreciate a bit of a hair cut and getting some air to them.

It seems like you have lot of variety so if you miss a seasons  flowers on one plant you will gain on another.

Dont be scared, just control your pruning rather than hack away and you'll be fine.

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