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Silly question.

Does anybody know what i can use for outdoor white sticks to stop the writing coming off during the winter.

i have tried magic marker, indelible pencil.  you name it we have tried it.


Don't know if it will work,  but have you tried permanent marker then painting over with clear varnish /  nail varnish. 


I use small coloured sticky dots on my labels. I then have a sheet with the colour representing the plant/ variety etc. Obviously if you have thousands of different plants to label it's not an option but it works for me. I do use a standard pencil aswell for quick recognition but if this runs off I can refer to my chart.


I use a permanent marker I got from a local supermarket. The writing lasts years.
Once put in the ground, the labels often seem to move around of their own accord, but the writing is good as new.


I have a list and a photographic record. I don't think labels would enhance the appearance of my garden.



I only label seedlings and cutting, and I use pencil. For long term planting, there are those metal labels which you can have permanently engraved, or some people use those labelling machines and attach the names, but, like nutcutlet, I'm not keen on labels on my plants.

I don't keep a record of plants in the garden as such, but I do have photos of everything, so that's quite useful. You could photograph each  individual border or planted area  at different times of year so that you can see what plants are flowering at what time. A printout of that with the names written on and kept in a file could be useful.  

I'm not that bothered if there's something I don't know the exact name of, as long as I know what it is and how to look after it, although there's very little here I haven't planted myself. It would be different if the garden was huge I expect. 


Dunno really, nut....

I've heard people round here mention my garden as being 'big', but I think it's very small.  I expect for the size and type of houses, it probably is quite big.  Last garden was about an acre and a half, but a lot of that was grass, ponds, and rough, bramble laden scrub. Planted areas were 'smallish' - rabbits ate it all   

I'd say - stately home size is huge. Less than quarter of an acre is small. Anything in between is 'average'....  


 sounds good to me Fairy. Makes mine average. 

Thank you everybody for all your advice.  i don`t label in the ground just ones in the flower pots.

Appreciate all your help.


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