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John mcleod
I am wondering if it is possible for me to overwinter my non hardy fuschias outside during winter...I do not have a greenhouse nor garage . Would it be enough for me to pot them up and place them in a sheltered place such as behind a shed ? Btw I live in Glasgow.

The answer sadly is no. You could take some cuttings and root them in water if you are short of space indoors.

Paul N

Is there nowhere indoors you could store your tender fuchsias? On top of a wardrobe or under a bed? Even storing tender fuchsias in a cool greenhouse can be a hit-or-miss affair.

Alina W

Do you have a spare windowsill? They can be trimmed down to a few inches and potted up.


I've just potted mine up into window boxes which I've put on landing window sills.  I've also taken cuttings as insurance and for bulking up for next year.


John mcleod
I thought my house may be too warm for them as I do not have a cool place in the house. I do have a windowless shed, could I store them there over winter?


If these are growing in the borders just treat them like annuals when the frost has has had them discard and start afresh next year

It would seem you have nowhere suitable to keep them over-winter and they do not always survive even if you did

Or take cuttings




They come from the Caribbean and Latin America so a warm house isn't going to do them any harm unless they're parked over a radiator or you forget to water them.

I'd have thought a bedroom would be fine, assuming you keep those rooms cooler than your living room but they will need light.   

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