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Dordogne Damsel

Hello there and thanks for the good wishes. We are lucky because the soil is lovely and as long as the sun hasn't been too hot it does break up easily. That said the weather has been awful here lately, so much rain I think what plants I have managed to rescue have been beaten down this week-end.

I am trying to just work my way one section at a time, we have been decorating and refurbishing bedrooms this last two weeks so only just about managed to keep on top of dead heading and fresh weeds but, hopefully, if it stops raining so hard I will have a go at the next flowerbed this week. My husband just keeps saying "you can only eat an elephant one bite at a time" - he is just trying to keep me calm, but I am so conscious of how fast everything grows I hate how long it takes just to clear a little patch.  

That said, seems like we have it easier than you because at least only just last year it was a beautiful garden - just have to dig it out again! 


It seems the West of England has had the good weather, it was only 15° today and raining. My outdoor tomatoes are showing signs of blight. When we were in England and while family was staying the last week the weeds grew like mad, especially in the well manured veg garden. Been weeding the flowers, was going to start on the veggies today but was asked out to lunch then son rang, have new baby granddaughter so going to south of Orleans.

Dordogne Damsel

Congratulations on the granddaughter, garden will just have to wait! 


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