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My rockery is very overgrown by double celandine and grass. Whats the best solution? I want to keep the rockery.


How about some photos?

Have a photo on my husbands camera will find it and find out how to put in on here.


dig it all out and rebuild , 

Artjak, sorry having trouble trying to upload the photo.

Thank you also Archipem. Someone also suggested painting all the green with one of those weedkillers that go down to the roots and keep repeating all summer as grass reappears. Would that work? However there are a few plants I'd like to save.



Roundup painted on the leaves of the plants you do not want is the only way to remove the plants you mention. Sad though.

hollie hock

Can you dig out what you want to keep in clumps? Maybe separate the plants you want as best you could, replant them after a good water and then the blitz the rest?


Hollie hock, I think you have that in the wrong order.  Separate the plants you want.  Blitz the rest and then replant!


Hollie's needing a lie down I think welsh!

Good advice though Cathy-depends how big an area you have but I'd do exactly that- clear everything out and clean up and keep aside the things you want. Thoroughly tidy the whole area and replant.

 Blitzing isn't the simple answer it seems to be.  Celandine is a bitch.   Haul it up and miss just one of the wee white nodules on its roots and it comes back next year.  It looks pretty, though, so I leave it to flower - I don't see it till then, anyway - and then spray it.  That more or less works, though I always seems to miss some hiding somewhere.  At least it doesn't sting like nettles.


I'm with holliehock, dig out the ones you like and pot them, then dismantle the thing as far as poss and start again. Uploading photos is not that scary; if I can do it anyone can as am not a technocrat.


Celandine is very persistant, crops up everywhere. Get what you want out and blitz. Then leave it til next year, plant some annuals to make it pretty this year, then blitz again next year

If you lift those plants that you wish to save, you will need to check very carefully that you are not transplanting pieces of celandine with them.  Wash the roots and grow them in pots with clean compost.

You don't want to be spreading celandines around your garden.

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