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I've recently moved into a new home and my garden is overrun by this plant, can anyone tell me what it is ?
Alina W

Any chance of a photo and better description? There are thousands of blue flowers!

I can't find the upload button
Alina W

It's the little tree next to the tick with ABC above it.

As a complete guess, could it be one of the creeping campanulas?




Who's taking the bets..... ?


Wish there was a like button on here !!

@robot  haha, class ...

Without a description of leaves,flowers it's anyone's guess. Sympathise with getting a picture up - I wouldn't know where to start, so keep trying and we'll try to help!


Shrinking Violet

Alkanet?  In full flower at this time of year, as discussed elsethread.

Shrinking Violet

Thankyou sotongeoff - quite inspirational!  I'd forgotten about some of those - and I can picture them fitting in perfectly with some planting schemes. 

(Perhaps we should have a colour-driven photo thread?  Mind you - I'm still struggling to find ways of posting photos.  I did have a photobucket account - but a change of laptops and a falling-into-disuse has made that route hard.  Technophobe? Moi?)


I would go for all the in your face garish reds and yellows and others would go for the pastelly blue pinks and whites

Shrinking Violet

But you're a chap, Geoff, and everyone knows that men don't do nimby-pimby pinks and pastels.   Now - Monty is a case in point.  He clearly loves his Jewel Garden of bright colours, and it does look stunning.  But I get the impression that he's none too keen on pink for some reason or another.

btw bold, clashing (almost) reds, yellows and oranges can be stunning.  Trouble is, they are the palette of late summer/early autumn, I think, and I want some - well, lots of - summer before all that! 


I'm sorry it has taken this long to upload this pic.

My apologies!


Isn't that green alkanet?-if so Shrinking Violet wins the lollipop


Thank you so much for your help and so quickly!

Hang on a minute - hold your horses - I want a steward's enquiry.....

We woz all misled with the "blue".  Now it turns out it's "green". 

I want my bet back