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How large is large?

Is it in a container?

How cold can it get there?

It is about 10 feet tall, trunk is between 14-18" circumference in a v large terracotta pot. It is NE Scotland - tonight it is snowing and forecast is -2 overnight. It is currently unprotected!

They are a lot hardier than people think in the UK-I have had one in a pot outside for 5/6 years-although I live on the South Coast we still have had hard winters with snow/ice/frosts and it has survived that completely unprotected.

At that size there is not much you can do if you are worried-other that fleecing it to give it a bit of protection

Of course the big question is -what has happened in previous years and how long have you had it?


 I would try to keep the roots on the dryish side - I find mediterranean plants survive the cold much if their feet are dry.  Good luck.


Thanks for the advice. Think I will try the fleece approach, I only got it this year as an anniversary present from my husband so this is its first winter with me!

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