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Hi can anyone help, I have two ornamental privets and this week they have turned from a bright green to a pale green/ yellow on the side that is facing outwards, they have been watered  weekly as usual and worried they may be infected or dying!!

Sounds like you have ligustrum Aureum.....the lovely,yellow,privet.  I grow it and love it.  They are doing what they are supposed to do....don't you like the yellow foliage?  Mine are now butter yellow.  Are they in the ground or in pots?  Don't go watering too much

Thanks for your response, 

the colour is fine, I was just worried that something was wrong!! 

we only brought them last aug/sept, I guess we have no comparison!! tgey are in pots and was considering repotting them this year.

Morning Ka B

If the roots are seen then pot on.  They are nice if clipped into a mound

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