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hi  need to no if i cut back a big pamass grass will it grow back and can i dig it up and move it ..

Yes you can cut pampas grass back fact you need to. Cut it near to ground level.
Difficult plant to big is it? You can split it or dig pieces from it.
Cut it back before you move it, of course.
Woodgreen wonderboy

If it was mine I would move it too...straight to the local tip!



i took the mattock to mine. It moved fairly easily. I moved it to the compost heap. Took a while to rot down but it got there in the end


Lol,  I am growing pampas this year, it was either that or bamboo. 


I'm not thinking of attacking my bamboo in that way.

The pampas flowered so late the stems broke in the autumn gales. The leaves always looked brown and straggly and it gave me no pleasure at all. 

Another of my growing anything and everything from seed efforts. Growing success, garden failure.

flowering rose

such  a lovely plant in its own country of origin,it is not plant I love ,unless its something you adore ,abandon it!


I had a monster Pampas Grass die on me last year and removed it with a mattock. It grows outwards so over time, the centre rots down, giving me fifteen years of composted material after removal.

The roots are not that deep but very matted, so a bit of wellie is essential.


I was advised to burn mine as a method of cutting back. Lovely bonfire......but the PG never recovered - sad!


Probably for the best John

Ornamental grasses like stipa gigantea, Calamagrostis brachytricha and Overdam are far superior to pampas grass in my opinion.

thanks every one  great help  im gona keep you all happy .flower heads left for birds to use in there nest  .the rest split down the massive middle half on the fire and half on the compost heap  job done .....gorby


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