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Hi, Any ideas how to repair my grass, my grass area is partly shaded by my house and has become wet and patchy. I've tried forking the area, placed sand over the top etc, someone has suggested a mixture of seeds, what mixture would i need    

flowering rose

you would need a very hardy type of seed that take the punishment of use .I am thinking of rye grass you best asking the garden shop.

Also, maybe feed your grass a basic fertiliser too


Do not start seeding yet-wait for a few weeks


my lawn started out beautifully when i first seeded it, but now moss has covered most of the area. What's left now is clumps of grass trying to grow.  Any advice to repair this problem without cutting trees.  There are  trees and cedar hedges in the yard. 



Moss in a lawn usually occurs as a result of a combination of factors, including any of the following - shade, mowing too short, not feeding the lawn, using the wrong type of grass for the conditions, poor drainage and waterlogging, acidic conditions and lack of aeration amongst others.

Rake out as much moss as you can and improve the drainage, using a fork or hollow tiner and apply a lawn feed formulated for the growing season. Raise the cutter bar on your mower and mow regularly, at least once per week.

In the autumn scarify and aerate again and apply an autumn lawn feed.

Good luck.

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