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Can anyone help us please?  We have a Peace Hybrid Tea which is 3 years old, it is healthy with good foliage but refuses to flower.  It grows to approx 5ft, with very upright growth but just don't get any blooms.  Our other roses are all fine.  Any ideas please, thank you.


Have you fed it? if so- with what?

Over the three years we have tried Top Rose, Potash and Tomerite. Someone said to work in some chicken manure but nothing has changed. It looks really healthy but just growing up and up but with no blooms


Bad news-usually a lot of leafy growth indicates too much nitrogen-and chicken manure is rich in nitrogen.

You best bet is not too feed it at all-I have a neighbour who does zero in the garden-not even pruning yet his roses bloom with no help.

What I am saying is neglect it-no pampering just normal pruning and with luck perhaps even later this year- probably next- you will get flowers


I agree with Geoff - sounds like your soil is actually too rich in Nitrogen.  My 'Peace' rose has never been fed and does really well (clay soil.)  It's actually a bit too vigorous if anything!  I once read that this particular variety likes a bit less pruning than we usually give to Hybrid Tea roses.  Google just came up with this - specifically mentions 'Peace' some way down:

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