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My peas had been growing well in a pot but over the last week I have noticed that the leaves at the base of some of the plants are going yellow and now seem to be dying.  They are about 2 foot tall and are flowering.

Any suggestions as to what it is would be grateful


there are a number of contributing factors, and any one of them could be the cause. All aspects of the weather for starters. Have you fed them recently?


This awful weather and the possibility that its washed away vital nutrients from the soil.

My peas are just dreadful this year - the worst year by far. There just not growing despite the rain.


No I havent feed them for maybe the past couple of weeks..I'l try that.....Is it too late to start some more off.This is my first year growing veg so its all so new to me and am worried its because of something I have or havnet done...
They are planted in a large pot with a mixture of potting soil and good green well rotted compost.

Im very lucky that just dwon the road is where they recycle all the green waiste and rot it down and then sell large bags of it for just a couple of quid...even though it does half stink when the turn it and the winds blowing in my

Thanks for your help

I would take a chance and get some more local weather man (the farm at the end of the road lol) tells me that summer will be august and september this year so lets hope hes right again....hes always right..

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