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Hi folks,

has anyone had problems with PEAT FREE compost this year?

Steve 309 expand slightly, I started a trial of growbags and compost for greenhouse tomatoes.  The New Horizons Organic Peat Free growbags and compost were awful.  Lots of bits of undecomposed wood, plastic (hard and soft) and even bits of wire.

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to complete the experiment but it seemed that the plants in that compost were doing significantly less well that the others - more yellow leaves, fewer fruits etc.

I think that the demand for peat free compost is outstripping the supply so they're having to cut corners.  If they really care they ought to make sure the stuff's properly decomposed and free of paratoxics.



we had trouble with the new horizons stuff last year at my works, however 20 bags didn't get used, after the winter stacked in our container at work they'd rotted down great!

Trying to use less compost, have been using that compressed coir stuff, very good for what ive needed it for, not sure if i would want to grow toms in it

I've had about ten bags of New Horizon this year and they've been fine.

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