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Hi Folks,

Am very new to this gardening malarkey but am enjoying it tremendously. I have a problem that I need help with. I am growing about 18 pepper plants and 6 or so chilli plants in one of those cheap plastic tent type green houses. My plants were all doing very well until I went in the greenhouse after a trip away. Almost all my plants have disappeared something has eaten them almost down to the level of the potting compost.


What do I do and how do I protect them. The only thing I can see is the odd slug. All the plants are in individual pots but in a big watering tray


It only takes one odd slug .................. 

Whats the best way to get rid of them



Vigilance - go out in the evening with a torch and look underneath the pots and in the trays and ..................... there are as many ways of 'dealing' with them as there are gardeners!

As you've got the plants up and away from land-based wildlife like hedgehogs, you could get some of the safer slug pellets that are based on ferric phosphate   rather than the others that are so dangerous to wildlife. You only need to put a few pellets around your pots.

And look at other threads on here about slugs and snails - you'll soon pick up some tips. 

Make sure there's nowhere for the slugs and snails to hide - check the rims of trays and under the pots - they're sneaky little critters 

Orchid Lady
Be brave and get a fork, that's what I do. I had a slug in my GH, it hasn't done too much damage luckily but I have been out the last 3 nights trying to find it.... nowhere to be seen, I've gone in today and there it is, a big fat ugly thing that is now bird food!!!!


OL............I'm did you manage to ID that slug as "The One" ?

In my experience ii is usually the little beggars who do most damage...........the big macho ones are usually too busy showing off their Pecs

Orchid Lady
He did look very guilty and was a bloater so assumed he had done all the eating LOL . I've had a good look everywhere in the GH and can't find any, not even tiny ones, I've had pots up and everything!! Blasted things......they will get my fork if I catch them!!!

I planted two pumpkin plants with my son yesterday, and they were both gone by this morning. Luckily I had a few more plants on the window sill. I've ordered the pellets and put coffee around the new plants in the mean time. Is coffee useless?

No my wife swears by it. I'm a little more sceptical but a lot of nasties including slugs and scale insects don't like it. Spread the grounds on the soil around the base of the plant and/ or spray it on the leaves ( for scale).


I don't know about big slugs being harmless. I pulled an enormous black one off the angelica and half the flower head had gone!!!


I know the big slugs are supposed to eat the little ones, but if we get rid of the little ones the big ones have got to eat something ...........  just putting the big slugs' point across 

Orchid Lady

All slugs are evil - end of, slimy and disgusting 

FB, I read or heard somewhere a few days ago that slugs only like to eat the leaves, I remember thinking at the time that I didn't think it was strictly true and your post just proves that

The big fat slug was the culprit by the damage at all in the GH overnight, but something has eaten one of my Velvet Queen Sunflowers that was outside, so not overly impressed......I bet it was his brother getting revenge


Well done on tackling that slug OL! Not bad for someone who a few months ago would never have thought herself brave enough! You'll be crushing snails before too long.

Orchid Lady

Oh I do that already Clarington  The slugs aren't as bad as I thought they would be, before I started stabbing them I had this image of it 'popping' when stabbed and gunge everywhere!!  Anyway, I like feeding the birds 


Thank you everyone for the information advice and thoughts. We here found the conversation very enlightening and for those of you with thoughts on the slugs are out to get you I know a good doctor lol

Seriously thanks


Orchid Lady

Glad to be of assistance Nevyn, we are generally a friendly and helpful bunch  I don't think the slugs are out to get me but I know they are out to get my plants 

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