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Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me to identify a perennial I have come across twice in the last week or so.

It stands about 3 feet high, with arching/sprawling stems and has tight bell shaped, white flowers with a notable frilly edge. The leaves are oval,dark green, about palm size and have a pointed tip. 

I've searched through all my books and can't find it - any ideas??


Acnistus australis comes to mind, but a picture would give us a better idea.

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Phill - do you mean each individual leaf is palm sized, or do you mean a palmate shape with each leaf being an oval?


No sorry, the flowers are white and shaped more like lilly of the valley and once they go over you're left with a lime green case.

The leaves themselves are about the size of my palm, dark green, oval shaped with a pointed tip.


I know you've said it's a perennial but I was wondering if it was a Pieris? Gaultheria also have flowers like that but the foliage is small.

No sorry - fairly sure it's neither of those - there are no woody stems on the plant whatsoever so I'm reasonably confident that it's a perennial of some kind.


One of the Comfreys?

Not possible I'm afraid - someone else's garden miles away.


When did they flower?

Was there a clump of leave at the bottom that they grew from or did the stems come straight out of the ground?

Flowering end of May into beginning of June - some flowers still present - stems straight out of the ground - bigger leaves towards the base.





..I would guess at Campanula persicifolia... although they grow from an evergreen rosette at the base... but the member doesn't seem too sure on this aspect..


I had thought it might be one of the Campanulas too Salino, but Phill said the flowers were very small bells which made me think otherwise...

I'm all out of ideas without a pic 


solomon's seal was at the top of my list but if Phil's had a look and said no, then no.

sounds like a monocot though, stems straight out of the ground

Thanks for all your help - I guess I'll come across it again some time and I'll let you know if I find out what it is.  


Phill-  you must try and get a pic and put us all out of our misery!