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Hi All,

We have a small box shaped hive in our garden. Last year we had some bees in our hive. We loved seeing them buzzing around.

One very sad day we opened the hive and the bees were all dead. The appeared to have been destroyed by some white maggots with red heads.

Does anyone have any idea what these maggots could be and how we can stop this happening again? 

We have just found some new bees in our hive this year and do not want a repeat of 2012's massacre!

Hi sarah22

 That is so sad, i would get in touch with the bee conservation people.

 they will help i am sure.

                                    good luck

It sounds like wax moth. The local beekeeping association may be able to help. Or the local bee inspector - you can get his name from the local BKA. Did you clean the hive after you discovered the dead bees?  



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