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I have been given some Phacelia seeds, I don't know what type of Phacelia, but apparently they are helpful to bees.  What I need to know is how high do they grow and do they spread.  Can anyone help?  I think it is time to sow them now.

It's good as a green manure, too.  When it's finished flowering, dig it in and it will help to improve your soil.

I sowed my whole front garden with Phacelia tanecetifolia about two weeks ago, it germinated within a week or so and is now ready to thin out. The seeds were from Kings seeds and only cost £1.50. Actually I only used half a packet, so 75p. I shall dig some in as green manure as the seaon progresses to make room for the pumpkins that I shall be planting out later, but will leave at least a couple of rows by the hedge for the bees.

Actually on second thoughts I may leave it all and let the pumpkins fight it out for themselves.

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