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I have two Photinia Trees in my garden which have been there for at least 5 years, they have always done very well with plenty of growth but however this year they are looking very sparse with very little growth, they were pruned last Autumn. I would be grateful for any advice as to what may be the problem.


I was interested to read your question as mine are also more sparse than usual, though the leaves that are present are a very good colour.  I'm inclined to blame wet and dry in the wrong seasons, plus dark and cold since April.  i imagine they will recover, mine are abut the same age as yours so, with you, I shall await with interest to see if any experts know of any other reasons why this has happened. 

I gave mine a good chop in May as it was getting too talland wide for the spot it was in. I have plenty of growth on it and it looks great. I was a bit concerned at the time I chopped it incase I chopped too much, especially off the top, but all looks well thank goodness. Mine is about 4 years old. Hopefully yours will both start filling out when the weather picks up. (Next week is supposed to be much better, here's hoping )

Thanks for the advice, I am pretty sure that it must be to do with the very difficult weather that we have experienced this year. I await with anticipation for the summer !!to arrive and hopefully my Photinias will flourish.

I think the timing of pruning is important. I think you need to prune when growth is about to start because die back is a problem. I think the secret is to prune when they are young and fairly small but you can prune back brutally and they recover. Photinias have a nasty habit of looking so,good and then, suddenly it seems, look tatty, dropping their leaves. I have a new variety with green n white leaves and it looks sensational with red new growth and a new dwarf variety....both have been pruned whilst young.


My Red Robin tree which is 6 years old and about 10 feet high looks dead!   It flowered earlier this year but then dropped  most of the leaves, with those remaining looking brown and lifeless.  It usually has leaves all the year round and I have never seen it in this state.  Any ideas please.

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