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I have a fairly new, but large, Red Robin, planted last autumn.  It seemed healthy then but now the leaves have black blotches.  Is this a form of blackspot, and if so, what is the best treatment?  An older one nearby is fine.

In my experience photinia can be fussy about situation. In my own garden I had to move it several times before it was happy.
Photinias do seem to have leaf issues.....a form of black spot, leaf drop well as dieback.
They are often used as hedges but I think they don't like exposure to strong or salty winds, don't like soil too dry or too wet.
Dux2 is your " fine" photinia in a more sheltered position?
Those affected leaves will drop off. It could be the weather and the season. I usually prune back to healthy buds to promote bushyness and new red growth and this is what I would a couple of weeks when warmer

Thanks, Verdun.  Actually the new one is more sheltered than the old, but it is on the north side of a high fence, and the ground there can be wet - particularly recently!

Dux2 I think that may be the reason.
It may improve with warmer....hopefully

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