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Can I make a plea about the size of photographs? We love helping people to identify their plants,weeds, insects, whatever. A. Because we like being helpful and B. Cos it allows us to show off . However, it is very difficult to do so if the picture is too small to make out the details.

The best size isprobably 640 by 480 pixels. That fills the screen nicely, but is not too large to be viewed.


Here is one I made earlier.

Anyone put a name to this delcate Narcissu?



Garden novice 2

i am not sure if you mean my picure of plant question posted earlier. I personally do not know how to make my picture bigger of the pixel definition. 


Please, I was not aiming my request at anyone in particular, it was just a general comment.  It is so frustrating to be unable to help when asked.

Am no expert -but sometimes people take pictures on phones or i-pads- and the quality isn't always great and even get posted sideways-it doesn't help

One from a camera seems better.


I'm doing the same as I always did, pics the same size. You used to get them bigger by clicking on them. Now you don't.



Salino suggested using photobucket (an external site) for transferring pix on here as you can enlarge them which is what I did a few weeks ago. It's a little fiddly at first but quite easy once you do it!

Berghill- that looks like the same narcissus I enquired about too! I've inherited some nice daffs in this new garden and it's a very pretty one.


Sadly I do not have that excuse for not knowing what the Narcissus is, we planted all the ones growing here. We DO have something which removes almost all the labels and we rarely if ever find them.

I have always used Photobucket, it has been very successful for me over the years.


I wrote to the website team about the photos a couple of weeks ago.  They wrote back that they knew there was a problem and they are trying to fix it (along with the other site problems).  I keep hoping, as it was good to just be able to click and enlarge.

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