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Hi, I'm a newbie. My husband and  I bought a large golden bamboo from Homebase after bartering with the person in charge over the price. They wanted £40 for it and had it displayed with patio furniture but it looked as though it was potbound and dying so we took pity on it and eventually got it for £10.  Having removed it from its tiny pot we soaked the rootball but it is still very tight. We wanted to keep it in a large pot if possible as we might be moving house next year and would like to take it with us. Can anyone tell me if it would be better to split the plant into two as the stems look fairly green but through not being looked after in store the leaves are very dry and look as though they are ready to drop off. All suggestion welcome. Thanks  


I'd be inclined to keep it together til it recovers but I'm not a bamboo expert.


I have two in my garden.One is planted out and is doing very well,it's been in for about eight years.The other i've had for about three years and is in a large pot.It's prone to drying out very quickly and the leaves curl and drop off.I give it a good long soak with the hose and it seems to recover.It too is quite pot bound but as the one planted out hasn't spread i reckon it's happy.

If i were you pat,i'd leave it as one plant and just make sure to water it often.


Water and water and water for next few days.
Put into bigger pot too
Bamboos are easy to can saw in half, for example.....but I agree is best to keep it intact.
I grow phyllostachys aurea too but in a pot now. In the garden it attempted to take over in one growing's roots travelled deep and wide popping up well outside its designated area.
Watering is the key though if in a pot

I think any one is brave to plant a bamboo in the ground,

as they tend to spread so easily .

But i agree cut off old leaves, repot and water.

 Did u see MONTY  planting one in a tub last week?


I did see Monty do that. Was bit surprised. Pot looked too small and that bamboo was huge. Not sure he thought that one out properly

It was interesting to read that your bamboo tried to take over your garden Verdun.Mine has barely spread.I wonder why...  I do have another bamboo that i really regret planting now,not sure what it is,can't remember,but it's suddenly had the urge to take over the area around my wildlife pond.It was quite happy to confine itself to an area of about a square foot but now it's marching ever onward.Serious digging required methinks.

The bamboo often goes deep and then emerges. I'm sure if you dug up your bamboo you,will be surprised by its spread.........prob find "feelers" several feet long.
Ironically some of the dwarfer bamboos that suggest good behaviour actually are very invasive.
I would never plant a bamboo in the will bite!
After one year's growth my two different places, one dry and one in good soil......sent shoots everywhere. It took the following season or two to finally dig out energetic shoots.
In a cultivated plot with precious plants dont plant bamboo

I have one of these that has spread 30 feet in one direction with the roots being at least 3 feet down.  Take great care

Hey there folks, muddy fork has just said why none of us should grow bamboo. IT IS A THUG THAT CAN BECOME ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO ERADICATE

I think i just like bad boys Verdun 


Thanks for your suggestions everyone.  I have bought a bigger pot so am going to take your advice to leave the bamboo as one plant and repot .  Must remember to water well and hopefully will eventually see some improvement to it. I don't think I fancy putting it into the garden now anyway after what I've been reading about it taking over so shall be keeping it in a pot.  

Hi there

I have a Phyllostachys Aurea bamboo bought from Homebase last year its in a large pot and was doing great last year.  This spring after the strong winds and rain its looking rather sad and seems to have lots of little white bugs on it? what can I do to help revive it?

I can only assume that ground conditions play a major part in whether or not bamboos become thugs or not.  It's a conversation that's been had many times on this forum but I have both aurea in nigra growing in my garden and had no problem with either.  They must have been in 20 years now and still form a large clump.  I do get the odd runner appear but either just break the growing tip off when it appears or mow over it.  No problems for me at all.

If you are do want to grow bamboo and are concerned about spread then get a rubber dustbin, cut the bottom out and sink it in the ground like a bottomless pot.  All the runners from my bamboo have been within about 6 inches of the surface so a decent bin will certainly contain them to a great extent.


Make sure the pot is not top heavy. Picking up a fallen pot in the middle of a storm is not fun, especially not after the 10th time. When it falls it damages the top growth and can damage the roots. I find troughs work best...and in the ground better. I would not bother in the ground if you want to move it next year.

I put a golden bamboo in the ground earlier this year, added lots of chicken pellets and bone meal and it has doubled in size, with lots of strong 6ft tall canes.



KT53 I have both and they aren't a problem to me in S.Yorks, growing in clay with no TLC

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