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my pieris is ok at the top of the plant but below all of the leaves are yellow, i have fed the plant and used ericatios compost and have moved it from full sun to part shade but it is still not very healthy.


They are best in part shade & acid/neutral soil. If in a container then ericaceous compost is needed.

Evergreen plants do drop some of their leaves in the spring, so it could be that? If container grown is it dry? Even if a new planting in a border it'll need more watering with all this dry weather. J.


it is about 3 years old and planted in the border in partial shade and ericaceous compost has been dug in and it has been fed with liquid feed.

Alina W

Have you tried watering it with sequestrene of iron? That might give it a boost.

yes i have before but not this year, maybe i will try that again.

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