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I,ve never used plant food except specific rose feed and tomato feed which I put on everything that flowers, wondering if I should get a general feed or fertiliser what would be best? I also have lots of greenfly and yucky red and black fly too,  been spraying off buds with water which had some effect should it get a prepared spray of use soapy water, really want ladybirds to set them, we have a few, would like more, I only want to use organic products,any advice?


Tomato feed is great for all flowering plants, especially if it has seaweed extracts in it.

Soapy water is the best organic method for aphids, pretty effective too.

Are these indoor plants?  

Phostrogen is excellent. The best I think.  Buf seaweed extract for tomato plants,amd as a tonic to edible and non edible plants.  Good to mix feeds though I think occasionally. 

Plants over fed usually attract more aphids too.  

flowering rose

grow your own ,comfrey ,nettle and use sea weed.All are free and what the bought bottles of tomatoe feed are,and all are organic and you know what goes into it.

Orchid Lady

I've been putting tea on my acid loving plants, it must be working as my Azalea is flowering for the first time and my Camellia seems happier after looking a little 'sad'.  Other than that I have Blood Fish and Bone, Rose food and Tomato food ready for use 



I have an outside tomato plant, does it need pinching out the same as greenhouse  toms? 


What type of tomato plant is it?


It's all very well brewing your own plant food ...comfrey, nettles, etc. ..but WHAT A STINK.  

Orchid Lady

Time is an issue with me brewing my own too, I just about have enough time to do the gardening  I can manage to brew the tea though when making mine 


Time and space two tiny gardens two tiny children brewing my own out at the moment, I brew my own lip balm hand cream and lots of cakes that,ll have to do for now, thanks for answers think will get b f b and some iron for camellia as suggested and continue with tomato and rose food

Orchid Lady

Rosemummy, if you have any lip balm or hand cream leftover I'd buy it off you  I but a natural one at the moment.

it's so easy to make and 100 % natural , i have a boojk i used at college but you can google recipes, something to do when it's raining!

Orchid Lady

I'll have a google when I have a minute Louise, but seen as I'm pulling my hair out with everything else to do I doubt I'll get time.  I'll just have to keep the natural people I buy from in business a bit longer 

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