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Does anyone know what this is ?  Growing in profusion in the shady damp bits of Hidcote today - love the colour....


Ooh love the blue, looks like a blue comfrey to me.


It's a Boragey sort of thing?

i've got this i thought borage/ comfrey

I think Borage...........leaves look a bit too small for Comfrey and flowers look wrong - for basic Comfrey anyway



I'd say comphrey, probably Symphytum caucasicum


Looks like a comfrey to me, possibly a cross between Hidcote blue and a wild one.  The leaves of Hidcote blue are only about 4 inches long compared to the wild one which can be 12 inches or more.  Love the stripes on the flowers - that makes it unique I think.


Think you might be right, nut.  Just googled and found some images with a slight stripe.

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi Chicky, did you get to go into Kiftsgate garden opposite? I think it's where the rose was discovered, or first planted?  


Well, I'm a late arrival here, but I'd say comfrey too 

Hello Woody - good to see you 


Many thanks all - never knew comfrey could be so spectacular - only know it as an ingredient for homemade (smelly) plant tonic.

Woody - made a day of it and went to Kiftsgate too.  Saw THE rose, although obviously not in flower - its a monster - fills a whole border and three trees.  Loved the garden and the views - although not for the faint hearted.  Assume their gardeners are armed with climbing ropes and crampons

Woodgreen wonderboy

Like Hidcote, but best if not too crowded with coach loads of tourists. Paths are a bit narrow in places. Also I don't think the NT's efforts on the catering front have been over successful. Restaurant replaced by caff.

Anyway, a magical garden forgives all manner of ills, including mine, and everyone should try to see Hidcote at least once in their life.

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