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Orchid Lady


This was growing at Edinburgh Zoo but the staff didn't know what it is, apart from it's probably oriental as it was near the Panda house.


Steve 309

The leaves look sort of chrysanthemummy

Orchid Lady

I thought the flowers looked a bit dog rosey, but the leaves don't match 


Orchid Lady

The flower looks like an Anemone, same in the pic I've posted below (from the internet) but the leaves aren't the same?


Mark 499

The centre seed pod formation looks like my tree peony as do the leaves


I agree with Mark.  The leaves look identical to ones in a tree paeony search.  Very pretty.


I don't want to upset KEF, but I agree. The leaves are like the tree peony Nut gave me  I have also observed that a lot of peony flowers look a but like roses. 

And as it was near my house I hope I'm right 

Orchid Lady

I've googled Tree Peony and agree with that, thank you everyone.  That's another for the 'must have' list (I don't know what I'll do if OH decides not to get a season ticket!!).

I've looked at the RHS info and they quite easy to care for so that's ok for me and best planter in Autumn.....perfect 

Hi o.l there's a peony in botanical gardens here looks like that and leaves look right 

Orchid Lady

It was very pretty, the ladies at the zoo thought I was bonkers when I asked what it was......I suppose they weren't likely to know unless it had 4 legs and fur 


That's a paeony for sure, one of the species, not a garden cultivar. Lovely


Try paeonia officinalis banatica on plant world seeds site.



Was it a tree paeony OL. It looked like one of the herbaceous ones

But they're all so lovely

Orchid Lady

Yes it was Nutcutlet, it's very pretty and would be very special if I could get one as it was near the pandas at Edinburgh zoo where I took my sister for her hen night.

I've looked on that website Fidget, it looks like you can only get seeds and they can take up to two years to germinate.....two years........I'm going to have to get some patience from somewhere!!  Might give it a go though, I think I might like the challenge.


If you can get fresh seed it usually germinates the following spring but it's still a long time to flowering.

I bought a young tree peony plant in the Spring of 2010, and it has produced two flowers for the first time this year.    You will need to be patient, but it is well worth the wait!

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