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Age moment here. I should know this, but for the life of me the name will not come.



solomon's seal?


Mmm . . . I thought that.  Leaves look right  - not seen flowers like that.  A less common variety possibly?  


Just googled 'soloman seal' and came across an image of 'false soloman seal' - looks similar


Interesting. I instantly thought Solomon's Seal but the flowers threw me too!



Look up Smilacina. There are several and I don't know them well but I think this may be one of them


Oh, that's rather a big link  - but I think it'll take you to the right place 

Think it's sometimes known as False Spikenard 


Berghill, on google images halesia carolina looks a bit like your photo (I was looking at it in a book earlier today, strangely enough, and your photo reminded me of it). As it's a shrub, yours could only be a young version, if at all.


...^yes it is a lovely garden.  I notice the garden blog belongs to someone calling themselves 'Owdboggy' which is the same as the link to the photobucket photo by Berghill... presumably it's his garden...?...


Smilacina racemosa is exactly what it is, Ta. Knew as soon as Figrat said Solomon's seal that it was the False version of it. I have a fair collection of Polgonatums, the true Solomons Seal.

Oh how I wish we cold grow Halesia, the Snowdrop Tree, but sadly it needs boogy conditions and a warm sheltered site.

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