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This is a case for Sherlock Holmes.


I think even the great Sherlock would struggle with this


or maybe the Invisible Man


Gary Hobson

I've occasionally noticed that the first message in a thread appears blank, although the beginning of the text is visible on the main screen. I didn't know if it was me, or an innovative site feature, or a symptom of a problem. Or maybe the poster is doing something odd when they post the message.

Gary Hobson

I tried to edit my previous message, to give another example, but that didn't work - got the very popular 'Ooops something went wrong' message.

Never mind...

Anyway, this is another example of a thread with a blank first message...

Getting rid of grass in the border


The problem is when you start a new discussion there is a title box then a description box but that does not appear on the main thread-seems utterly pointless filling this in and it would be better if the opening post appeared on the listing.

Have pointed this out in the past btw and also yesterday about the edit facility not working.

Gary Hobson
sotongeoff wrote (see)

.. also yesterday about the edit facility not working.

Yes, I noticed that.

Websites are like gardens - lots of bugs and weeds.

It's inevitable really.

By nature, I'm understanding of the weeds, and other imperfections.

Computer programs can get unbelievably convoluted. Computer programmers have my sympathy.

Just grateful that the programmers employed by GW don't work for my bank.


and now this one


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