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Hello! Not sure what this it a weed? Seem to be good at growing weeds! Thanks



I do spy a plant label. Does it say 'maybe a weed' or something that you hoped to grow?

Ha ha! Yes something I'd like to grow. It's just the leaves are different on one of the plants. Sown in potting compost clematis montana perfumed forms. 


Looks like a baby apple tree to me, rounded serrated edge leaves.

 From the same tray! Thats got to be a clematis!



Yes, that one looks like a clematis. But not the other one!


Could you have been eating an apple when you sowed them?!!

Lol. more like a mars bar......hope its a mars bar tree!


Is the first one  eryngium sea holly?

Funny you should say that. ....walked past my sea holly and thought the same. Maybe the seed I  brought has been wrongly packed


I have some at that exact stage.. the stems look a little thick for a young clematis on the other one.

I wonder if I should contact the seller? Do you think the second pic is not a clematis either? Thanks for your help


talking of seed being wrongly packed.. i bought some tom seeds anda half them have grown into something that is not toms.. so waiting to see what they become..


I think the first one looks like it could possibly be an eryngium too.


It doesn't look like any eryngium I've grown but I haven't grown them all


I've got no idea what they are! Got a another with different leaves too same shape as the first picture so we will see! Gardeningfanatic its good to hear I'm not the only one with this problem!


I grew a buddleia species this year. When something germinated II thought 'funny looking buddleia'. Fortunately hadn't pricked out and disturbed the buddelia which came through later. All going well, haven't done an ID on the interlopers but look a bit like a solidago. We shall see. 

Seed wasn't from a commercial company. 

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