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 These plants are growing all over my lawn they are connected by thick vines below the grass. Please help.


Do you have a large tree in your garden / nearby?
I have a large Alder in my garden and get growth like this in the lawn, coming up from the roots near to the surface.

I just mow over them.
It may not be the same thing in your garden, just an idea!

Hi Nola, 

Thanks for your reply. We have a large Hazel tree and do have alot of its saplings which we often remove.

This however, is completely different the larger ones are on the side of the lawn and are totally green and grow to around 1-2 metres. They start as shown above and are all connected by thick vines/runners below the lawn.   


That certainly looks like the sort of growth one gets from a tree root. We get ones like that from a Greengage. Hard to deal with without destroying the lawn. You need to trace the roots back to their source and deal with them there. Be warned some roots can go for a very long way. Our greengage ones are now coming up 20 feet away from the original (deceased) tree.


Thinking about it, there isn't a Cornus close by is there? That is another wanderer.


flowering rose

I have the same plant coming up all over the place,certainly persistent.


I agree. I have poplar saplings coming up in my garden. The tree is in next door but one's garden - a massive tree. I just mow them but sometimes have to remove the root as it becomes woody close to the surface of the lawn.

Could you post a larger image of the leaves of the problem plant, we might be able to positive id. it and help to find the source?


Definately suckers from a nearby tree, or one that used to be nearby at any rate. Looks a bit like a prunus of some sort to me.  Just cut them off half an inch below the surface and then mow your lawn more regularly. 


if you put the picture on ISPOT someone will identify it for you

you will then get a beeter idea on how to eradicate it from your lawn


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