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Hi, these have sprung up in our flowerbed. Does anyone happen to know what they could be? 

 and secondly,this one...

 (not a stinging nettle - have tested this )


The first and second ones look like dahlias.  Can't help with the third one though.

The third one is a deadnettle, I think. Does it stink to high heaven when you pull a bit off?

BobTheGardner I certainly did not expect that as was thinking it might be some sort of weed! We went to the garden centre the other day to buy a Dahlia (Bishop of Llandaff) and we had one all along. Looking forward to it flowering now.

Waterbutts it did have a bit of a strange aroma that's for sure.

Thanks very much you two.


another possibilty for the thirdis woundwort, Stachys sylvatica. Same family, worse smell


Thanks for your help nutcutlet. I have pulled the pesky thing out now. 

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