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I have a couple of these fleece 'hats' to protect my more sensitive plants from frost.

Can I keep them on for the next few months without removing them from the plant of should they be removed periodically to give the plane a bit of sun / light ?



A Hebe and a Rhodedendron




Not sure that you actually need to protect either-I don't

I am guessing that the rhodo has no leaves and the hebe has?

The Rhodo has leaves.

The Hebe flowers in the autumn and is lovely ... the problem is that it has always been susceptible to intense cold and leaves and branches die ... this is unsightly although it doesn't kill the Hebe as it comes back.





If it feasible-remove the fleece if it becomes mild-the snag is if water gets in and freezes on the plant-that could damage it-it depends on how protective these fleece are-what you don't want is stagnant conditions for moulds etc to strike.

OK thanks,   will keep it on,  especially as I'm lazy !


Thanks for your help !




Hi everyone, my question is.. will it be ok to plant spring bulbs in pots wrapped with bubble wrap and then covered with a cloche, its is quite cold and frosty up north in Accrington where I am, I have not planted any before and it does say on the box to plant between Sept and Dec..



Yes-and do it immediately-they don't need the cloche-but protect the sides with bubble wrap-but only if it freezing like today


I dont wrap my bulb pots, nor cover them. I do put the pots close to the side of the shed or house wall though, neither of which are on the frosty side of the garden. That gives protection but allows the rain to get to the compost.

I do cover my pots with tied on pea netting though- squirrel prevention & also sometimes the blackbirds go rooting in the compost & disturb the top smaller bulbs. Net removed asap the shoots appear. Blackbirds can still uproot things, as can the 'b' squirrels. J.

I only bubble wrap terracotta pots to protect the pot not the bulbs.


Most spring bulbs are hardy and don't need protection.

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