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I remember seeing Monty Don making plant supports for perennials on a earlier episode of Gardeners World.  Can anybody tell me how he did it?  I know he used metal rods of some description and bent them.

Thanks figrat, thats a great idea with the metal rods

Thank you for your help, this is exactly what I was looking for

You're welcome.


Can anyone tell me where I can buy the metal rods to make the plant supports please?


Builders merchants. They're steel reinforcing rods.

Thanks for that????


So glad I saw this. The price for ready made supports is eye wateringly high.

It is and with these you can buy the 5m lengths of metal rod and cut them in 2 for tall plants then bend them to size.   I use this size very successfully for echinops, purple phlomis, helianthemums and so on and they do the job well whilst being invisible most of the season.    



Just go online and see Monty make his own supports....easy 

Try the  BBC magazine for adverts or ebay and amazon.


Monty's easy make cheapos folks     Sorry Judge 

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