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I found on my plants this morning a light dusting of white substance on all the leaves,but only on  this particular plant, can it be a fungus,harmless or not?   I have tomatoes nearby and don't want them to get infected,any help would be good, thanks




 this is the plant in question

 don't know if I have uploaded it properly!

Are the leaves of this particular plant particularly hairy or naturally sticky? You don't live anywhere near a launderette do you? I know it sounds daft but this happened to a friend who lived over one. They had a clean out of the machines one day while she was at work. Fluff got stuck on the plants in her roof terrace.



As far as I can see and a closer picture of it would help, it looks like Powdery mildew. Try washing it off the leaves to begin with.


Does it look like stuff stuck on, or could it be powdery mildew?

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