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Ashleigh 2

Hi all, had a lovely day in the garden and forgot to photograph these before it was dark, any ideas?




The second one might be a Buddleja.

Ashleigh 2

Thanks landgirl, that would make sense as we had one at the back of the garden, OH took it out because it was in the way of where he wants to build his workshop, I was upset because it was a beautiful colour, I hope this is one and comes out the same colour,

Ashleigh 2

I just realised the top photo looks like it has glossy leaves, it doesn't it is very soft to touch but not furry and quite a bit lighter green than the picture, I'll try and get a better shot tomorrow in daylight, it's probably a weed but not one of the usual suspects in my garden so just want to check before I compost it.


a daylight photo sounds good



The top picture doesn't look like one of our usual weeds.  Could it be a seedling from  a cultivated plant?

It looks a bit like Canadian Fleabane, Conyza canadensis, which is a weed, but I await the daylight photo.

Ashleigh 2

Some daylight photo's also another one that's growing in a crack on the patio, I did sow some erigeron there but it doesn't look like it to me, and a chrysalis, I find a few of these every year just laying on the soil, it's just under an inch long, I'd love to know what's inside, friend or foe?







If it is Canadian Fleabane, which I fear it may be, it will have thousands of little white flowers that will turn into fluff and float their seeds all over your garden. Luckily it's not hard to pull up.



The shrubby one looks like Hypericum androsaemum, Tutsan

The one in the brick gaps, a dog daisy and the chrysalis, probably a butterfly, maybe small tortoiseshell


The red thing is a Moth pupae aka Cutworm. I squish them or throw the over to next doors garden.


Is that what it is. I realised as soon as I posted that it wasn't the small tortoiseshell


We get a lot of them in our garden - I noticed one of the chrysalids in the mini-greenhouse this morning.  I left it where I found it to pupate 


I don't think I shall be starting a killing spree either

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