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I have a couple of specimens of this unexpected newcomer to my garden - plant with 30 - 60 cm spread,


long green thin leaves about 30cm long and long stems with cat-tail-like hanging fronds (highlighted in picture).  Bit of a novice at this gardening lark so please don't shout if it's obvious!


thanks in advance


Looks like it could be some kind of millet grass.


Carex pendula, seeds around, hard work to remove but quite attractive


I bow to your superior knowledge Nut! 


One of my weeds Paula. far too much of it here.



There are some grasses that are a nightmare to dig out aren't there, I think that Carex is one of them!


Certainly is, especially on the bits of garden that a full of broken concrete.

Many thanks - carex pendula it is.  It is competing a bit with things I do want there so I may have to bite the bullet on this one.


Also watch out for the reddish leafed one, very pretty in the right place but where it considers to be the right place is absolutely everywhere!  Luckily reasonably easy to pull out, but it is certainly one of those I wish I had never started. 

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