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As the title says, I have just bought a beautiful Bamboo yesterday and planted it in a pot, but now I am worried since I forgot to tease a few roots out-they were so big that it didn't even cross my mind. Now I am afraid the Bamboos roots won't take hold, should I dig it out and replant it or is that not necessary?  

Gardening Grandma

Why don't you watch it for a few weeks and see if it flourishes? Bamboo can be pretty rampant and it may well manage to spread its roots without encouragement.

Gardening grandma is right.  Bamboo will be just fine if you leave it alone


I have seen Bamboo grow over and break concrete - compost in a pot is not going to stop it!


Lets hope it stays within the pot you want it in - some of them are up for world domination.

I rarely if ever tease out roots from container grown plants, they always find their way out to food and water.  



Thank you all for your help, Inwill leave it alone then! I bought a clump forming one and hope it will stay in its pot for 3 years as I've been told, let's see 

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