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I have never planted a rose before so I need some advise please

I have bought a bare root rambling rector and the instructions say use plenty of organic matter preferably farmyard manure - i keep chickens and guinea pigs - can i use their manure?

also can i plant it in a pot and if so how big would the pot need to be. 

thank you

Elsa x


Your chicken and guinea pig manure should be fine, but any manure should be well rotted, not used fresh.

Rambling rector gets to a very large size indeed, and I would be doubtful it would be happy in a pot.


Definitely not a rose for a pot! 

yes i didnt think it would like a pot because it is a huge plant!

thanks i wil use my chicken and guinea pig manure - i thought it shoul be ok, but i thought i had better check as i know a lot of people put horse manure on their roses.

i need to cover a large area quickly - does anyone know how much growth i will get from my rector this year please?

Rambling Rector is a fantastic rose that will achieve 20feet plus when fully grown. My own rose was still holding some flowers in december!! It is possible to make 8-10 feet of growth in a single season as long as the weather is on your side. All new plants need to be well watered for their 1st year, in order to establish well, and roses are no exception. When planting, make sure you plant 2 feet from the wall or fence that your growing it up, to ensure the rain reaches the roots, and water heavily, once a week, in hot weather. Giving it a thourough drenching with several cans worth of water is better than watering a little but often(that simply encourages weak surface roots).lastly, in may/june give your rose a good feed with rose feed or tomato feed, to boost those blooms.


Thank you Daisybird - I want my rector to be huge, huge, HUGE!!! x

Oh no worries there, it will be!
Paul N

Your Rambling Rector like my Bobby James and Kiftsgate may need a couple of years to get going but then one day you'll go outside and look upwards and say "Holy Moses..." Yes, if the compost comes in contact with the roots, well rotted only. You can mulch with fresh stuff but keep it away from the stem. And a bucket of water each week for the first year would be appreciated.

Elsa, if you want to plant a rose in a pot, there are plenty of patio roses available which have been bred especially to grow in pots.

Laura Corin
Paul N wrote (see)

Your Rambling Rector like my Bobby James and Kiftsgate may need a couple of years to get going but then one day you'll go outside and look upwards and say "Holy Moses..." 

I like the sound of this.  Last autumn I planted a Rambling Rector to grow through a large tree and a Kiftsgate to cover a double garage.  I look forward to the 'Holy Moses' moment.

Mme Felicite Perpetue

My kiftsgate is magnificent this year and I'm about to plant a Rambling Rector too. I hope it will be ok on a North Facing wall!!

Rambling Rector is a very thorny chap. Be sure to put him well away from gates and paths. As I found to my cost.

Not a rose for a pot also put plenty of manure in the planting hole  but before putting the rosé in put a thin layer of soil back so the rose roots don't get scorched by the manure.i have had my rambler for a few years now and always puts a good show on . I will try and send a picture of it 

sorry elsa I don't know how to get a photo from my gallery on to this page,



Never mind Annie, here is a Google one.




annie8, you click on the oak tree in the bar above your post and it should tell you what to do. However each stage takes a little time.

I've been given a rambling rector but my house is rented, so I'd like it to be removable in a couple of years. Could I pot it and let it grow over a trellis? Any hints/tips?

You might as well hope to keep Godzilla in a pot.  It will have to be a very big pot to stop it blowing over when the rose begins to grow. This little beauty can put on 15 feet a year once it finds its feet. You would have to keep cutting it back in the certain knowledge that it was very unhappy to be potted up, just desperate to be let loose on a handy tree and that the pot was a very temporary measure.

Thanks for that, Waterbutts - I suspected as much!


I have just been looking at getting a Kiftsgate and thought better of it having read soem horror stories.  If I let that loose in my garden it could be down the road in a few years.  I am now thinking of a "Rambling Rector instead. My garden needs a quick fix climbing solution. I have two Clematis montana ready to take off in the spring.   

The best site I have found for looking at roses is Peter Beales   The level of information they put out on their site and the flexibility of their options for looking at the feature of roses are excellent.