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Hi everyone


This might sound a bit stupid but can you plant sage and thyme together in the same pot? I have planted a scented garden for the person next door but find myself having to keep replacing the sage and at the moment i can not get to the bottom of it... so i was wondering is it something to do with the plants themselfs? the soil is good, there doesnt seem to be any 'fighting' between the plants and lots of room but yet sage keeps dying.. any ideas why?? Can they be planted together or not??


Any insight will help thanks. 



Both these herbs like to spread,I have never tried growing them in the same pot,but this would depend on what the size of the pot is.Both my sage and thyme grow in seperate  10 inch pots ,I have never had any problems with either of them,and they are very easy to propagate.

If you wish to keep them in one pot,it may be the size that is the problem,also you say that there does not seem to be any "fighting" between them,is that what you gather from looking at them? the roots and lack of space may be another matter.Neither of them likes overwatering.


IME thyme dislikes to be shaded by any other plant, so a separate pot  for each may be an answer.

Gritty, poorish MP compost, NOT a substantial one like JI3, would be best for herbs. Dont forget to wrap the pot for the winter, the roots mustnt freeze. Also stand the pot on 'feet' to help keep the drainage. Full sun position, if possible.

I must admit that everytime I've tried sage in a pot it ends up 'unhappy' despite my best efforts with compost quality & drainage, sun etc. I did however put a sage plant into a sunnyish spot in very shallow soil, barely 6'' in depth, overlying the brick sub-straight (i think that's what you'd call it) at the patio edge. The plant is huge & obviously very happy, despite the previous 2 cold winters. The poor thyme however, in an adjacent patio crack, is completely swamped by the sage, so cuttings of it are now in the coldframe! J.

Think jo4eyes has it about right.....ESP about compost 

Does the variety matter?  Purple sage would grow in a decent size pot and a silver mound forming thyme like silver Posie would co trash another pot in front.

Salvia Tricolour is a beauty if you can get it to flower.  It usually flowers with lovely,pale blue flowers I it's second year on very nice pink, cream and grey foliage.  Prob best kept inside over winter in cold areas.  This with Silver  Posie would give you pale blue and pale pink flowers at the same time 


I can't over winter sage or thyme or rosemary in my garden so I now plant new ones each year in a large 60cm wide and deep pot which I keep in full sun.   They've done extremely well this year.   For winter I will either have to bring them in the house or try them in the greenhouse , if I have space.  My bay tree gets brought into the house for winter.


I guess we are pretty lucky down here ......most things, usually, will overwinter outside down here.  Even last winter, when it was supposedly cold, it was fairly mild in the far west of Cornwall..  It's the wet though that does it for us ....and boy do we get the rain? .  Oh, and autumn colour!  We don't see too much of that down here either.  Think cold autumns are needed for that.

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