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Hi, this may be a silly question but... I have recently ordered some hyacinth bean seeds from amazon. They arrived today but have been shipped from China. Is it safe to plant these in my garden? They have no official seed pack just in a small clear sealed packet with a label on and the customs stamp says jewellery inside! Although the plant is beautiful and amazon was the only place I could find seeds, I don't want to put my garden at risk! Many thanks, laura

What is your worry? Disease, invasive species or something else


Dolichos lablab, aka Lablab purpureus

I've grown those. Got them from Chiltern Seeds I think though it's a long time ago.


thats great, thank you. I've planted them, just waiting for the first signs of life  



Good luck, I love growing something different

Laura.......I've grown them for years...........pretty scented flowers and edible pods.  In my experience they need more heat to germinate than other beans but well worth growing .

oh brilliant thanks Phillippa. It was the flowers that drew me to choosing them in the first place so hopefully they'll show soon.

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