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Thank you Rosa for the lovely video (above). There are several other videos too, but I watched the one about climbers with the lovely Geoff Hamilton, wish he was still here.

Rambling Rose Albertine. Will cover the fence very quickly. Masses of beautiful Pink blooms.


Since your garden isn't, you say, large, I really recommend at least half the plants should be evergreen; otherwise you will be looking at a collection of dead twigs for 6 months of the year. (and that includes I'm afraid Clematis Montana) There are evergreen clematis, but I believe that they would not tolerate v. cold conditions. What part of the country are you? I am in East Anglia and have had an evergreen clematis that did almost too well.  Mermaid is a fairly evergreen rose, I expect there are others, I always go to for advice. Good luck with it and do keep us posted.

As this is your fence, would it be possible to lessen its visual effect by slicing a couple of feet off the top of it?

Thanks so much for the ideas, I am feeling inspired to get cracking as soon as the weather brightens up.

Artjak: we are in Gloucestershire

Joe-the-gardener: I am pretty sure that we can't touch the height of the fence unfortunately and the one positive is that it provides us with privacy from a row of terraced cottages behind us.

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