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We have a mature monkey puzzle at the end of our garden where it meets the public path. The soil is very dry around that area and as a result the turf looks terrible. Immediately below (around the trunk) we have seeded various wild flowers that have grown really well and look great but the next 6 - 10 foot we have very dry nearly dead grass.

The idea was to put a row of low shrubs that act as a border from the street. Beyond that some flowers etc, maybe make the whole border around 4 foot wide.

Any ideas?



There was a large monkey puzzle a couple of hundred yards from me. It had a nice show of erysimum bowles mauve beneath it, flowering for most of the summer. It was however far too close to the house, and they chopped it down. It had fruited and I had one of the football size seed pods. It made an interesting 'guess what this is' until it disintegrated.

Thank you for the reply. These look really good so I am going to look in to planting these along with a truck load of lavender.


No suggestions, but wanted to say I love that tree, but don't have anywhere near the space needed.  Green with envy.

I honestly can't decide if I like it but at the end of the day it is a living thing and no way will I be cutting it down. There is a huge divide on our street with it, some neighbours love it and some hate it




Perhaps it should be renamed the  "Marmite Tree".......

HAHA, I like that

My mum grew her Iris in big clumps under her monkey puzzle , admitted they were short lived with the flower but the sword shaped leaves continued to be effective.

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