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Hi all,

First post, this looks like a great forum!

This year I was having some success with bedding plants, and got some sunflowers starting off early for the kids school stuff, to try to get them really big.

Managed to plant everything out in the decent weather, and they all started along really well.

Some of the soil was old, so I thought I'd fertilise it.

I put some Blood FIsh and bone around the plants and the sunflowers, and those particular plants, the sunflowers, pansies, and lobellia all died within about 2 days of puttign it around them.  The sunflower and hanging baskets that I didn't use the BFB on are still doing well.

It's pretty obvious that this is my fault with the BFB, but why did it happen?  I'm really annoyed to have killed heathy plants!


Did you mix it in the soil or just lay it on  the surface?

Whaaa...I think i know what you're going to say.  I put it on the surface, then got a deluge of rain, and mixed it in the next day



Its better mixed in the soil. Applied neat its too strong.

Do you know what it does to them?  I didn't think an organic compound could do so much damage!


Just because it's organic it doesn't mean it's not strong.  I would guess you used quite a lot of fertiliser too.  

Oh mozza3,  welcome to the forum.  Nice to have you here


Welcome Mozza - we all make mistakes - onwards and upwards 

Hi, new to the site ( and gardening too). Would organic chicken pellets have the same effect as we're being quite generous with these too?


One pellet per 3 inch. spread them thinly. tickle into soil surface, water in.


Hi, Welcome Alan Smith  Chicken manure pellets tend to be a bit more 'slow release' so shouldn't 'burn' plants as much, but it's still a really bad idea to overdose - you'll get lots of soft lush growth which will scorch in the sun, or get damaged by the wind, or burnt by frosts.  Stick to the recommended dose 

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