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Hi there -can anyone help me identify this grass:

 And also this plant - it was a good 6 foot tall, but looked to be herbaceous rather than a shrub:




That herbaceous plant is Phytolacca americana, wonderful thing. Don't eat the berries.

And Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra', I can't keep that


Imperata cylindrica 'Rubra': I had that in my border for 2 years, but had to remove it as it spread like mad, for me it's a thug!


Many thanks - I knew you would come up trumps.  OH wanted me to go and hunt out the owner of the garden - I told him I knew a better way !!


Imperata red baron a thug?  I love it.  Classy and right now 2' of crimson beauty. In my light soil in front garden it struggled but in the richer soil of the back garden it thrives.  Maybe corny but I have a clump of osteospermum voltage yellow next to it and together they evoke lots of good comments.


Sorry, Verdun! I do like grasses, but I guess it makes a difference if you've got huge borders. Mine are only about 4 ft wide and the one the grass was in was only 8 ft long, so not enough room for a mixed border and the grass creeping through it all as well.

Oh,,alrighty then. ,you are forgiven.  You know you can grow red baron in a pot?  You can also easily dig pieces up and control it's size that way.  

Yep. Sure is.

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